NFCC Announcements

Saturday Cleanup & Projects

We’ll be at the club on Saturday morning from 9-12 for cleanup. We need volunteers to pick up trash, empty trash cans, mow, weed eat, clean burn pits, help with horse shoe pits, install our new sign, clean the kitchen, clean the clubhouse and more.

Member’s Meeting & Board Meeting

Member’s meeting will begin at 12:30pm Saturday afternoon. Board meeting to follow immediately after.

We have lots of items to address and would like to hear input from our members. Non-members are also welcome to attend.

Kitchen Closed

Our kitchen is still closed. There will be no fry on Saturday.


Pick up after yourselves. Also remember that it’s our responsibility as club members to pick up trash whether it belongs to us or not.

Lock the gate. Whether you’re going in or out or you’ll “be back in a minute”, the gate needs to be locked behind you.

No trash in the burn pits. We’ve had members become very ill after trying to enjoy a fire. Trash can be toxic when burned. The smoke is toxic and can contaminate food that’s being cooked in the fire.

Be courteous to others.  Be mindful of where your headlights, flashlights, and lanterns are pointing. Remember that voices carry across the lake.