Rules & By Laws

Club Rules

The club is available to individuals who wish to participate in the promotion and encouragement of game, wild life, and soil conservation programs, the development and promotion of educational activities regarding game, wild life, and soil conservation, the actual development of game and wild life population, and the encouragement of participation of the membership and general public in recreational outdoor activities.

Everyone is expected to obey all club rules as set forth by your Board of Directors. Be it further understood, we will not let a few spoil the Club for the majority who want to enjoy themselves.

    • Fee  $60 per year
    • Fee  $50 per year for anyone 65 yrs. of age, disabled, active military, or retired military.
    • Guest must be accompanied by a Member. Membership card must be on your person at all times.
    • No fishing guests.
      • To cut or otherwise disfigure any tree or other natural growth.
      • To light any fire unless adequate precautions are taken.
      • To litter grounds or lake with debris, trash, junk, or any unused article.
      • To erect, build, or repair any structure of any kind on or off lake.
      • To discharcge firearms, fireworks, or explosives of any kind on lake property.
      • Anyone under 13 yrs of age must be accompanied by an adult member, while on club premises for safety.
      • To allow any adolescents in boats, unless accompanies by an adult.
      • To enter any boat without an approved life preserver.
      • To allow any pet to be a nuisance or danger to any person on club grounds or to be without a valid rabies tag if applicable.
      • To swim or wade in lake.
      • To empty bait containers or other litter in lake.
    • BOATS
      • All boats must be fastened to shore line when not in use.
      • Electric motors only on the lake.
      • All Illinois boating laws apply.
      • Two (2) poles and two (2) hooks per pole
      • Daily limits per membership
        • Five (5) catfish per day
        • 10 crappie per day
        • 3 bass per day
        • Sunfish, no limit
        • Blue gill, no limit
        • No limit on rough fish
      • Any fish weighing 8lbs or more must be returned to the lake
      • All carp must be returned to the lake
      • Record catch in mailbox to keep count of fish population
      • No trotlines, throwlines, beach lines, bank poles, jugs, or other unattended lines.
      • All Illinois State Fishing Laws must be complied with, including a valid state fishing license.
      • Any member violating these regulations will turn in his key on request and be removed from membership roles by the board.
      • Ice fishing not permitted.