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Hoopeston, IL 60942
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Memberships & Dues

To obtain a new membership, please call or text 217-283-4646.  Board members will also be available in the clubhouse on Saturdays from 12 pm – 7pm.

Day Passes For Guests

Guests are always welcome to come out and enjoy the grounds, but must be accompanied by a member.  There is no charge for non-fishing guests and a $15 fee for those who will be fishing.

If you have a guest with you and there is not a board member on club premises, please call or text 217-283-4646.

example text: Member name John Doe. Guest name Joe Smith. Nonfishing guest.
example text: This is John Doe. Joe Smith is fishing with me and I owe the club $15.

Note: The total number of fish kept by members and their guests are not to exceed the member’s daily limit.

Board Members

Todd Crose
Harold Fuller
Donna Fuller
Board Members
Jack Eaton
Jana & Nik Hansen
Chad Ray
Butch & Sue Rogers
Donald Allen
Candi Northrup
Elaine Crose

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