This organization is incorporated under the Statutes of the State of Illinois “General Corporation Not For Profit” by the name and style of North Fork Conservation Club, Inc. The objects of said corporation shall be: “The promotion and encouragement of game, wild life and soil conservation programs. The development and promotion of educational activities regarding game, wild life and soil conservation and the actual development of game and wild life population and the encouragement of participation of the membership and general public in recreational outdoor activities.”



To  purchase a new membership, contact one of our board members.

$75 – Individual and families

$65 – Military Veteran, Active Duty Military, Disabled, Retired

$15 – Day Pass (Must be accompanied by member.)

All funds received from the purchase of new memberships will be used for building and property upkeep, stocking the lake, and the bills that the club is responsible for.

Funds received from the kitchen will be used to support the club as well as pay bills

We hope to be able to use all profits from festivals, donations, and off-site events for future conservation projects.