Club Announcements – July 18, 2018

Changes To The Fish Fry Schedule

The clubhouse will be closed on Friday, July 20th and we will not be having our weekly fish fry. The volunteers are taking a short break to ready themselves for the upcoming festival and fair season.

On Friday, July 27th our new fish fry schedule will begin.  We’ll be open from 11am-2pm for lunch and 5pm-8pm for dinner.

NFCC Swap Meet

We will be hosting a swap meet on Friday & Saturday, August 3rd and 4th.  Spaces will be $10 each.

The club with have a booth set up with all proceeds going to the NFCC.  Donations of used items are welcome. No clothes please.

Text or call 217-283-4646 to reserve your space or make a donation.

Thirsty? Need Bait?

On most evenings you’ll find one of our board members at the lake. If you’d like to purchase a drink or nightcrawlers, our board members have keys to the clubhouse and are happy to let you in.

Volunteers Needed

All volunteers are welcome, greatly appreciated, and are not required to be members.  We are seeking volunteers for:

Important Reminders

  • No Glass Bottles: Even if you put your glass bottles in the provided trashcans, our local wildlife can and will dig them out. This results in dangerous, broken glass all over the ground. This glass is not easily picked up and is quite capable of penetrating through a shoe.
  • Trash: Please pick up after yourself and others.  Litter is not always caused by lazy members. Trash blows in from the road, blows out of the trashcans, and is removed from trashcans by our local wildlife. If you see trash on the ground, please take 2 seconds to pick it up and help keep your club beautiful.
  • Guests: Guests must be escorted by a member. Guests who want to fish are required to pay for a day pass, whether they intend to keep their fish or throw them back. All fish kept count toward the host member’s daily limit.  For a day pass, text or call 217-283-4646.
  • Keeping Fish: Please remember to abide by your daily limit. All fish removed from the property need to be logged so we know if/when we need to stock. Members who practice catch and release are welcome to log their catches and mark them as “released”.  The log book is inside the mailbox that’s just inside the gate.
  • Volunteering: Please consider volunteering your time. “Many hands make light work” and we currently have very few hands, doing all of the work. If each of our members volunteer just a couple of hours during the year, many more goals could be reached.


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